A Shrine of an Unique Idol

Nallamala Forest Zone is a basket of secrets, ‘n’ number of unknown things, and also houses decades-old Hindu shrines of historical value. At a distance of 25 km from the Srisailam (Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India) Main Temple, in the deep Nallamala forest area, core tiger zone, lies a small, but a powerful shrine. The idol of main deity in this shrine, Goddess Istakameshwari, is unique of its kind. Surprisingly, no idol in the world matches with this idol in many aspects, one being its ‘lively appearance’. With its history dated back to 8-9th century A.D., this shrine is said to have been very popular during the medieval times, however, is in a bad state, currently.

Here, devotees will be allowed to apply kumkum to the goddess, and surprisingly, the idol gives you a real skin-like feel. But, people around there say you should be lucky enough to have that feel. One would definitely feel some positive cosmic vibration in touching this idol.

One more exciting thing is the travel to this shrine. Enroute dense forest route, you will have to go through a adventurous trip to reach this shrine. There will be special jeeps available from Srisailam, costing Rs.750/visit.

Located in tribal region, one of the ancient tribes of Nallamala, Chenchus, are priests in this temple. Ultimate silence, traditional tribal huts, dense forest feel and the sounds of a perennial water stream, all around, add to the beauty of this shrine.



Author: Punyakshetram

Interested in covering pilgrimage-centric stories and interesting facts about various Hindu temples across the world.

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