Nishkalankeshwar- A Sea Temple

If you are interested about adventureous destinations, then you should know about Nishkalankeswar Temple in Gujarat, India. This temple, with its history dated back to DwaparYug, is located in the Arabian Sea, in the Koliyak village of the Bhavnagar District, Gujarat.

One has to go about 1.5 km into sea to have darshan of the Lord, as the temple is located there. Since its located in sea, the temple is visited and closed, depending on the tide flow in the sea.Usually, the best time considered to visit this temple is between 1 pm-10 pm, when the tide flow is normal. During the normal time, only the flags on the top of the temple are visible, and rest of the temple remains under water. The temple is said to be measured 20 ft in height. The main deity here is Lord Shiva, called as Nishkalankeshwar (The lord who wipes-off sins).

History says that after the great Mahabharata War, Pandavas were said to have instilled five shiva lingas at this place and prayed the lord to wipe off their sins of killing thousands at the War.


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