A Temple of Sweating Idol !

Did you ever hear about Kadiri (or Khadri), a famous pilgrimage in the Anantapur District District, Andhra Pradesh? You would feel like, if you read this article. The main deity of the temple is Lord Nrusimha, called as Ashta Bahu Sri Nrusimha. The main deity idol in the temple is so unique that it sweats like human after the performing of obeisance called Abhishekam performed for the temple every day, even after the priests performing the custom wipe it clean with the cloth. Another interesting part is the Chariot (a vehicle on which God is set during festival times and taken around some parts of the town) is considered to be the biggest, in terms of weight, than any other chariot in the entire South Indian region.

The temple has its history dating back to the pre-vedic period. The Vijayanagar Empire, during the period of Sri Krishna Devaraya, made utmost contribution for the development of this temple.

Thousands of devotees from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, among other states throng to this temple.


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    1. Nikesh Kumar says:

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