Where Flame Lit with Coconut Water!

We are speaking about a small village called Agrahaaram in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Its a village that has its history dating back to pre-15th Century. The village is famous for its Nrusimha Swamy hill temple, which has unique and stunning facts surrounding it. The villagers perform a annual day-festival called Madugu Bhajana (A Worship of Utmost Devotion), as an offering to the main deity in the hill temple. The interesting part of this festival is that the devotees lit deepam (holy flame) with coconut water! There is a tradition for the villagers coming from the past, according to which, there will be one person from the village (can be from any house) in every generation, who will be worshiped and revered as god on that specific festival-day, as the power of Lord Nrusimha in that hill temple is said to enter the person’s body on that specific day, changing his behavior for the day. The person will be unusual and exhibits unimaginable and beyond-human energy on that day (without being conscious of what he is doing) and finally predicts the village’s future for that specific year, which has been found to be absolutely accurate so far.



Author: Punyakshetram

Interested in covering pilgrimage-centric stories and interesting facts about various Hindu temples across the world.

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