An Indian Shrine Where Demon-King Ravana Worshipped!

In the Indian Hindu mythology, demons, despite of their demonic qualities, also hold significance in the history. One among such is demon-king Ravana, who is considered as the most talented and powerful in all aspects, and even there are many stories where Gods praised Ravana for his knowledge. However, his act toward kidnapping Goddess Sita, among other bad deeds in Ramayana, made Ravana bad. He is always respected for his knowledge and vedic texts also have slokas written by Ravana, one being Rudram.

For Indians, Ravana is a demon king. But, do you know we have temples where Ravana is worshipped? One significant temple of that kind is Ravangram in the Nateran Tehsil of Vidisha district, 40 km from the district headquarters, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, India. Here, the public worship Ravana as the God and also perform regular poojas, especially on the festival days. And, be it any occasion like marriage, the first card will be offered to Ravana in the village.

The Brahmin sub-sect, Kanyakubja Brahmins, worship the deity here. And, the main deity is in reclining position and the villagers believed that attempts to make the idol stand will result in natural calamity in the village.

Vidisha is said to be the place of Mandodari, the wife of Ravana. Bisrakh (UP), Kakinada (AP), Mandor (Rajasthan), are among other Ravana Temples in India.


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