Famous Hindu Temples: Thousands kms Apart, But on Same Longitude, Built Thousands of Years Ago

Shiv Ling has a key significance in Sanathana Dharma, which is today called Hinduism. Representing the five elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air and sky, there are five famous Shiva temples one need to visit in life time. These five temples housing Shiv Lings are called Panchabhoota Kshetrams including, Kanchipuram (for Earth called Prithivi Lingam), Jambukeshwaram or Thiruvanaikaval (for water, called Appu Lingam), Thiruvannamalai (for fire), Kalahasti (for air, called Vaayu Lingam), Chidambaram Temple (for sky).  These five temples called Panchabhoota Kshetrams represent the five elements of the nature. There are other two important temples, Kedarnath and Rameshwaramto be discussed here.

Of all the aforementioned shrines, Kedarnath is situated in the Northern part of India and the rest are located in South India, in the State of Tamilnadu. These five temples hold a great significance and are positioned in a geographic alignment. Eventhough thousands of distance apart, these temples are surprisingly on a similar longitude of 79 degrees, which is a mystery even today. It is still a mystery on how they were positioned such strategically and they were built thousands of years ago, dated to the vedic period.

The lamps inside the Kalahasti temple sanctum hold a great significance. Despite of the air movement inside the sanctum, two lamps keep flickering continuously as if blown by air, when others are steady. These flickering lamps are said to be the representation of the inhalation and exhalation of the main deity called Vayu Lingeswara.



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