Indian Temples of Musical Pillars

Its known that the Indian temples are rich in history and architecture.

Be it pillars, stone carvings, among others, the Indian temple architecture is most spoken about and especially, the South Indian temples built during the Vijayanagar Empire hold high significance when it comes to art and architecture.

Among many others, one such significant aspect of South Indian temple architecture is ‘Musical Pillars’. The first name that strikes one’s mind in this matter is Sri Vittala Temple in Hampi, Karnataka State of South India.

Hampi Temple

Sri Vijaya Vittala Temple, built in the 15th century, houses 56 musical pillars in its Ranga Mandapam and these pillars are also popularly called as SAREGAMA pillars for their significance of producing musical notes of the Carnatic classical music.

Various scientists have spoken about this ever-exciting scientific wonder.

Musical pillars of this temple produce sounds of various musical instruments when tapped with a thumb, and the sound produced from these pillars resembles with the sound produced by the main bell of the temple.

Tirunelveli Temple

Nellaiappar Temple at Tirunelveli is another significant architecture that hosts four musical pillars.

The temple has a central pillar which has 48 small cylindrical pillars around it. The surrounding pillars generate different music notes and also respond with sympathetic music notes when tapped on the central pillar.

Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Thanumalayan Temple at Suchibram, Adhinathar Temple at Alwartirunagari, Lord Shiva Temple of Shenbagarama Nallur near Nanguneri are among famous temples that house musical pillars.



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