An All-Granite Temple That Doesn’t Cast a Shadow

The Brihadeshwara Temple of Tamilnadu State, India is one of the tallest temples of the world, and has unique features. Listed under the UNESCO Heritage Sites, this 1000-yr-old temple’s history dates back to the period of Kingdom of Cholas, during the Rajaraja Chola-1, who built this magnificient structure. The interesting part of the temple is that it doesn’t cast a shadow during any part of the day, even when the Sun is at its peak. This is one unique feature of this temple apart from many others. Continue reading “An All-Granite Temple That Doesn’t Cast a Shadow”


Karni Maata Temple- Where 25,000 Rats Are Worshipped

The Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan, India, the history of which dates back to early 1900s during the period of Maharaja Ganga Singh, is famous and well-known for housing around 25,000 rats, both black and white rats (called kabbas), which are revered and worshiped. Kabbas are so revered that the food nibbled by them is considered as the ‘prasadam’ (the holy food) by the devotees. Due to their large presence in the temple, the devotees are asked to walk carefully inside the temple, so that no rat is hurt. Continue reading “Karni Maata Temple- Where 25,000 Rats Are Worshipped”

Jharni Nrusimha- A Journey through Waters Inside a Cave

Lord Nrusimha (Lord Vishnu’s fourth incarnation) is one god, whose temples always give some adventurous and amazing experience. One such temple of the Lord is Narasimha Jharni/ Bidar Nrusmiha Swamy Temple. located at Bidar, Karnataka, around 4 km away from the Bidar city. This temple visit will be an unforgettable experience for the devotees. Continue reading “Jharni Nrusimha- A Journey through Waters Inside a Cave”

Kodachadri- A Vibrant Peak of Karnataka

Kodachadri is a mountain peak in the dense Western Ghats region of Karnataka State. Its an awesome mountain peak, located 21 km away from the famous Kollur Mookambika temple, at an altitude of 1,343 metres above sea level. The peak is so special and is often termed as ‘Sarvajna Peetam of South’. Its known that Adiguru Sage Shankaracharya has formed four Peetams (religious institutions to protect and propogate dharma), in four sides of India; Continue reading “Kodachadri- A Vibrant Peak of Karnataka”

A Temple of Mysterious Shadow

Be it architecture, art, unfolding mysteries, among other aspects, most of the ancient temples have their unique mark in one or the other aspect. One such temple with an unique feature is the Chaya Someshwara Temple/Trikootaalayam, often termed as the ‘Temple of Relentless Shadow (Chaaya)’. Built  by Chola kings of the Ikshwaku Dynasty, in around 11-12th century, the temple is so unique that the idol of main deity in garbhalaya, Lord Someswara, notably has a relentless shadow, falling on it standstill, on it all through the day. Continue reading “A Temple of Mysterious Shadow”

Nishkalankeshwar- A Sea Temple

If you are interested about adventureous destinations, then you should know about Nishkalankeswar Temple in Gujarat, India. This temple, with its history dated back to DwaparYug, is located in the Arabian Sea, in the Koliyak village of the Bhavnagar District, Gujarat.

One has to go about 1.5 km into sea to have darshan of the Lord, as the temple is located there. Since its located in sea, the temple is visited and closed, depending on the tide flow in the sea. Continue reading “Nishkalankeshwar- A Sea Temple”

A Shrine of an Unique Idol

Nallamala Forest Zone is a basket of secrets, ‘n’ number of unknown things, and also houses decades-old Hindu shrines of historical value. At a distance of 25 km from the Srisailam (Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India) Main Temple, in the deep Nallamala forest area, core tiger zone, lies a small, but a powerful shrine. The idol of main deity in this shrine, Goddess Istakameshwari, is unique of its kind. Surprisingly, no idol in the world matches with this idol in many aspects, one being its ‘lively appearance’. With its history dated back to 8-9th century A.D., this shrine is said to have been very popular during the medieval times, however, is in a bad state, currently. Continue reading “A Shrine of an Unique Idol”