Saleswaram-‘Amarnath’ of South

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Saleswaram, often termed as Telangana Amarnath Yatra, is one of the oldest divine destinations in the Telugu-speaking region of South India, in the Nallamala Forest range of Mahbubnagar (Telangana)-Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) border, near the famous Srisailam.
The temple has its history dating back to DwaparaYuga, where, King Arjuna of Pandavas was said to have performed japa, for getting Paasupataastra from Lord Shiva.  The main deity at this place is called ‘Lingamaiah’ and is located in deep caves. This is also a destination of scenic beauty with a long waterfall (thousand meters high) and the natural forest view. Enthusiasts also choose this destination for their ‘trekking’ activity. Continue reading “Saleswaram-‘Amarnath’ of South”