Lepakshi-A Temple of Hanging Pillar!

Lepakshi Temple, located in Hindupur mandal of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, is an architectural beauty created by the Vijayangara Kingdom during the 1336–1646 period. This temple of Lord Veerabhadra is the most mysterious temple with 70 massive pillars, with ‘one of them, stunningly, hanging’. This pillar doesn’t touch the ground and hangs from the top ceiling, leaving a noticeable space, through which, one can even pass a kerchief-like cloth/ any material of similar size. Continue reading “Lepakshi-A Temple of Hanging Pillar!”


An All-Granite Temple That Doesn’t Cast a Shadow

The Brihadeshwara Temple of Tamilnadu State, India is one of the tallest temples of the world, and has unique features. Listed under the UNESCO Heritage Sites, this 1000-yr-old temple’s history dates back to the period of Kingdom of Cholas, during the Rajaraja Chola-1, who built this magnificient structure. The interesting part of the temple is that it doesn’t cast a shadow during any part of the day, even when the Sun is at its peak. This is one unique feature of this temple apart from many others. Continue reading “An All-Granite Temple That Doesn’t Cast a Shadow”

A Temple of Mysterious Shadow

Be it architecture, art, unfolding mysteries, among other aspects, most of the ancient temples have their unique mark in one or the other aspect. One such temple with an unique feature is the Chaya Someshwara Temple/Trikootaalayam, often termed as the ‘Temple of Relentless Shadow (Chaaya)’. Built  by Chola kings of the Ikshwaku Dynasty, in around 11-12th century, the temple is so unique that the idol of main deity in garbhalaya, Lord Someswara, notably has a relentless shadow, falling on it standstill, on it all through the day. Continue reading “A Temple of Mysterious Shadow”