A Desert-Shrine With Temples Submerged under Sand Dunes; Seen Once in 12 years!

Talakadu (Talakad) of Mysore, Karnataka, India is the place we are speaking about. Situated on the banks of River Cauvery, Talakad is a rare combination of desert and river. Talakad is famous for its sand dunes and has decades-old temples submerged under dunes, and a village nearby, Malangi. The shrine houses around 30 temples temples, which remain submerged under sand and opened only during the Karthika Maasam (Indian month) that has five Mondays, which happens once in 12 years. So, the temple is opened only once in 12 years! Continue reading “A Desert-Shrine With Temples Submerged under Sand Dunes; Seen Once in 12 years!”


A Temple of Sweating Idol !

Did you ever hear about Kadiri (or Khadri), a famous pilgrimage in the Anantapur District District, Andhra Pradesh? You would feel like, if you read this article. The main deity of the temple is Lord Nrusimha, called as Ashta Bahu Sri Nrusimha. The main deity idol in the temple is so unique that it sweats like human after the performing of obeisance called Abhishekam performed for the temple every day, even after the priests performing the custom wipe it clean with the cloth. Continue reading “A Temple of Sweating Idol !”

Sahasralinga- A Shrine That has River with Thousand Shivlingas

Sahasralinga, in the Sisri Taluk of Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, is a definite place to visit for the pilgrim travelers. The shrine is actually famous because of the River Shalmali that flows there. As the name suggests, the shrine has Sahasra (Thousand) Linga (Shiva Ling), but, not in a single temple. Interestingly,  shivlingas are spread across the bank and also within the Shalmali River. They can be seen when the water level of river is low and when the water is high, obviously, cannot be seen. Each shivlinga carved has also Nandi carved opposite to it. Continue reading “Sahasralinga- A Shrine That has River with Thousand Shivlingas”

Jharni Nrusimha- A Journey through Waters Inside a Cave

Lord Nrusimha (Lord Vishnu’s fourth incarnation) is one god, whose temples always give some adventurous and amazing experience. One such temple of the Lord is Narasimha Jharni/ Bidar Nrusmiha Swamy Temple. located at Bidar, Karnataka, around 4 km away from the Bidar city. This temple visit will be an unforgettable experience for the devotees. Continue reading “Jharni Nrusimha- A Journey through Waters Inside a Cave”

Kodachadri- A Vibrant Peak of Karnataka

Kodachadri is a mountain peak in the dense Western Ghats region of Karnataka State. Its an awesome mountain peak, located 21 km away from the famous Kollur Mookambika temple, at an altitude of 1,343 metres above sea level. The peak is so special and is often termed as ‘Sarvajna Peetam of South’. Its known that Adiguru Sage Shankaracharya has formed four Peetams (religious institutions to protect and propogate dharma), in four sides of India; Continue reading “Kodachadri- A Vibrant Peak of Karnataka”