Katas Raj- One of the significant Hindu Shrines of Pakistan

Katas Raj site in the Chakwal District of Punjab Province, Pakistan is considered as one of the most significant Hindu shrines of Pakistan. The site, housing a group of temples with Lord Shiva as main deity, has its history dating back to the pre-vedic times, around 615-960 CE. Notably, the shrine (called Dwaitavana according to the epic Mahabharata) is famous for its history of housing Pandavas of Mahabharata during their exile for almost 12 years.Sath Graha or seven temples at the site is the place where Pandavas were said to have had lived during their exile.

Another story tied to this site says that the place has Katas lake, which is one of the two water pools formed out of tears shed by the Lord Shiva upon the death of Goddess Sati. Pushkara near Ajmer of Rajasthan State, India is considered as the second one of the two.

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Author: Punyakshetram

Interested in covering pilgrimage-centric stories and interesting facts about various Hindu temples across the world.

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